My name is Amber I am the owner of Amber’s Luxury Bathbombs. I am also the sole creator of everything that is made!

By buying this is who you support when you shop from me! Every penny goes to support my family. No, you aren't helping some millionaire CEO take more exotic trips while paying workers minimum wage to work on the holidays... but instead, you are helping an independent, mother provide a warm home, food and clothing for her and her 5 kids
My family and I sincerely thank you for all of your love and support!!! It means the world to us and we appreciate it!

I like to keep busy and create new and exciting bath bombs and body products staying different and unique is my goal. I started 5 years ago wanting to create great safe products for my own children and family and took off from there.

I only use ingredients which I purchase within Canada .. including all the water soluble dyes and glitters

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